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Dr. Shirley Schaye Licensed in New York State  License # 000065-1 .Helps resolve human conflicts wherever they exist — in the work force, in schools, in families, between couples and in marriages (including divorce mediation).She also works with schools around many different issues such as: bullying, learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD (She works with adults in this area as well).Dr. Shirley Schaye has many years of training. It was clear after earning a Master’s Degree in Social Work (M.S.W.), even from a top university, that this was not sufficient to do in-depth treatment. Unlike some of those therapists who have only a Master’s Degree, Dr. Shirley Schaye, in addition to a PhD in Clinical Psychology, earned two CERTIFICATES IN PSYCHOANALYSIS post her doctoral degree (yet another 10 years of training). Because of her post doctoral training and many years of experience, she specializes in psychodynamic psychotherapy getting to the root of conflicts which enables her to work with problems that a person is involved in regardless of the setting — Adult, child and adolescent e.g., problems with individuals in work, relationships, sexual problems; family, marital, couple, business consulting — She is able to identify the problems and helps to resolve them. She doesn’t just listen to someone complain about their problems. She helps work them through.  Dr. Shirley Schaye accepts out of network insurance and private payment. Please click on link for Dr. Shirley Schaye for more information. NYC therapist

Edward Zach Schaye M.D. Board Certified Psychiatrist in New York State License #096999  Provides Psychopharmacology and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy  for Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Depression, Adult ADD and other Disorders. Dr. Edward Schaye has many years of psychoanalytic supervision post his psychiatric residency. Dr. Edward Schaye accepts Aetna, Oxford – United Health Care and GHI in addition to out of network insurance and private payment. Please click on link for Dr. Edward Zach Schaye for more information.